Official Rules


ETA´s are required to perform

- 2 songs in the Quarter Finals

- 3 songs in the Semi Finals

- 15 minutes in the Grand Final (including intro & playoff). If the ETA has begun your final song and then reach the 15 minute time limit, the ETA will be allowed to complete the song without their score being effected. If the ETA begins another song after the 15 minute time limit has been reached then the ETA's score will have 5 points deducted per song.


All ETA's will perform to tracks provided by the ETA on either MP3 or minidisc. No other format will be accepted.


All ETA's will be responsable for providing their own backing tracks and will have them named accordingly. 




1. Registration: All interested parties must officially register and submit the following to be deemed as an officially registered participant in the King of Britain - British ETA Championships, without exception:

  • A completed registration form.
  • The applicable registration fee of £50. Payment must accompany the registration form.
  • A clear professional quality photograph (preferably a head and/or head and shoulders photo)
  • A short 100 - 150 word bio.  Flaming Star Entertainments LTD reserves the right to edit bios.


2. Qualification: King of Britain - British ETA Championships is open to any and all ETAs, however Flaming Star Entertainments LTD reserve the right to preclude an ETA from participating for any reason. Past winner ARE eligible to compete following a two years absence from the competition. We do this in order to offer others the opportunity to win both the title and the prize money.


3. Capacities: Due to time restraints King of Britain British ETA Championships limit the number of competitors to 40 in the main competition and 18 in the Gospel competition.


4. Age Restrictions: All ages 15 and over are welcome to participate in the Main Contest. Those under the age of 18 by the start of the event will need a parent’s signature. 


5. Expenses: flaming Star Entertainments LTD is not responsible for any expenses for participants at any time during the festival, including, but not limited to travel, meals or accommodations unless agreed upon under contract.


6. Licensing, Copyrights and Trademarks: Participants will not violate the rights of Flaming Star Entertainments LTD. through copyright or trademark infringement and/or in any way disparage or abuse the likeness or reputation of Elvis Presley.


7. Behavior: Profanity, vulgarity or abusive behavior of any kind, to festival management, staff or volunteers, whether on stage or in public will not be tolerated. Violations will result in disqualification and removal from the festival without compensation. Approaching or addressing the judges, festival management, staff or volunteers by an ETA or a representative of the ETA in a negative manner of any kind could result in that ETA being immediately disqualified from the King of Britain British ETA Championships and the offender being removed from the festival without compensation. All ETA's are required to present themselves in a professional manner throught the competition. Any ETA found to be acting in a manner deemed unprofessional by the judges or any of the Flaming Star Entertainments LTD team in any way shall be instantly disqualified from the King of Britain - British ETA Championships without compensation.


8. Right To Usage: All participants grant Flaming Star Entertainments LTD the right to use their name, image, likeness, biography, photographs, or audio/visual footage of their participation without the payment of any compensation, in connection with advertising, promotion or marketing of the King of Britain - British ETA Championships without limitation or exception, in perpetuity.


9. Personal Belongings: Participants are responsible for their own personal property and belongings while attending the Festival. Although we provide security measures, Flaming Star entertainments LTD accepts no liability for lost or stolen property.


10. Transportation: Participants are solely responsible for their own transportation to and from the King of Britain - British ETA Championships daily while attending, unless otherwise agreed upon by contract.


11. Access: Only ETAs and one assistant per ETA participating in the contest round are permitted backstage and/or into the greenroom area. Companions, relatives, managers, etc. are not allowed. 


12. Merchandise: By Entering the King of Britain - British ETA Championships you are agreeing that Flaming Star Entertianments LTD may use your name and/or likeness in any merchandise without limitation or exception, in perpetuity. 




1. Judging Criteria: This competition will be based on six main categories.


A. Appearance 25 pts

(Costume Fit, Accessories, Authenticity (for song era), Facial Characteristics, Hairstyle) 


B. Stage Presence 25 pts

(does he have the wow factor?)


C. Moves / Choreography: 25 pts 


D. Aduience interactionInteraction 25 pts


E. Vocals: 50 pts.


F. Overall Tribute to Elvis: 50 pts




2. During Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Grand Final Rounds we will utilize all the judges score sheets. 


3. Quarter Finals: There are two Quarter Final rounds.  All competitors are required to compete in one rounds .


4. Semi-Final Rounds: The 20 ETAs with the highest total score gained in the Quarter Final round will be progressed onto the Semi Final Rounds. Scores from the quarter final round shall be added to the score from the semi-final round to determine the grand finalists.


5. Finals: The 10 ETAs with the highest total score gained in the Quarter Final round and the Semi Final round combined will be progressed onto the Grand Final round. Scores from the quarter final round, semi-final round and grand final round shall be combined to create an overall score to determine the grand champion.


6. In the event of a tied score for 1st place then the ETA with the highest vocals score shall be determined as the grand champion. If the score is still tied then the ETA with the highest performance score shall be determined the grand champion. If the score is still tied then the ETAs with the tied score shall perform a sing off to American Trilogy in a Radio Round style which involves the judges to be screened off from the ETAs and the ETAs are judged purely on vocal ability.




1. Only songs that were performed or recorded by Elvis are permitted as competitor song choices during all rounds of the competition, from 1954 until August 16, 1977. No computer enhanced versions (such as homemade medleys) or “vocal eliminator” tracks can be used.


2. Competitors must come prepared with their own Minidisc’s or MP3 files for their performances. Please have them appropriately labeled with your name and track selection if possible.


3. Medley’s longer than 4 minutes are not allowed.


4. Lead-in instrumentals such as (2001 A Space Odyssey) are only allowed in the grand final.




1. No karaoke, TV monitors or lyric sheets will be allowed.


2. Your costume should represent your song selection era for each day. (Example: Do not sing “Suspicious Minds” in a sport jacket or leather).


3. For the purpose of judging and choosing your material, the Early Years (Sport Jacket, Gold Lame’, Speedway Jackets, Black Leather, etc) will be considered from 1954 to Dec. 31, 1968. The “Jumpsuit Years” will be considered as Jan. 1, 1969 through to Aug. 16, 1977.




1. The only ‘Props’ allowed are instruments that Elvis performed with on that particular son. (i.e. Using keyboard is allowed while performing Unchained Melody etc. however this is not mandetory) 


2. The only ‘Give-A-Way’ is scarves. (Teddy bears, Hawaiian Leis, flowers, any part of your costume such as belt, cape etc is not allowed.)  Scarves may be given away at any point during your performance. 


3. Our scarf assistant will be available for you to hand you scarves, present you with a guitar or retrieve it. Please bring your own scarves. They will not be supplied to you.


4. You must stay on the stage at all times. Leaving the stage at any point during your performance will be cause for disqualification.  Sitting on the edge of the stage is allowed.


5. The Stage Manager will ask you when to cue the music and where you would like the mic. You will not be rushed, however we ask that your salutation to the audience and exit from the stage be timely.


6. There will be no rehearsal time available for competitors during any round of the competition.


7. Costume change on stage is not permitted.


8. Water will be supplied.


9. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed backstage.




These rules and regulations are mandatory. We have these rules in place for many reasons. The main reason is to produce a fair competition for everyone with no surprises along the way. Others are in place simply to stay on schedule. With an event this size, logistics can be overwhelming, yet we want everyone, fans and Tribute Artists alike to have a great time and enjoy the amazing legacy that Elvis left us all…..his music.


In the meantime if you have any questions or concerns, please email me at 



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